FOS LMS Teacher Guide

A teacher who is assigned at least for one course receives the accessibility to the FOS LMS

Guidelines to Teacher LMS

  1. Visit the Faculty of Science Website and click on Goto Dashboard

2. Once you are directed to the Dashboard, click on

      1. CLICK HERE

If you are already logged into your university email account.

      1. Login

If you are not logged into your university email account.

  • When you click on Login, you will be directed to Gmail login. Log in to your university account by entering the given email and the password.

3. This will lead you to the private dashboard. Then click on FOS LMS.

4. Then you will be directed to the Welcome page of the LMS.

  • There are support videos and guidelines that you can access

5. The My Classes tab includes the courses that you are assigned to.

Paper Moderation

Paper Moderation is submitting exam papers to be reviewed before issuing them to students.

  1. You can submit papers and answers by clicking on Submit Paper under Paper Moderation.

2. Once you submit a paper/answer, the Head of the Department will forward it to a Reviewer to review.

3. The Reviewer will review, correct if any mistakes are available and then submit it to the Head of the Department.

Access Class Lists and Exam Attendance Lists

A teacher can access and download Students' Class Lists and Students' Exam Attendance Lists

  1. You can access the Class list and the Exam Attendance list by clicking on More Actions.