Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a process through which a user gets to sign documents digitally and is able to transfer signed documents to be approved by another user in seconds. Every employee that is registered and has a staff account gets the privilege of using Digital Signature

Before using Digital Signature you should log into your workspace account : Workspace Login

If you have already logged in, directly visit : Digital Signature

Guidelines to use Digital Signature (Sender)

  1. This process gives you the chance to upload a document or link the URL of the document at the Sign Digitally tab.

            1. If you already have a document you can upload it in the Upload tab, give the document a name and choose one of the three options from the Sign Type drop down:

  1. Sign and upload the file - The document will be automatically signed and uploaded without notifying anyone

  2. Sign keeping the file locally - The document will be signed but will not be uploaded

  3. Sign, upload and email - The document will be signed, uploaded and will notify

  • If you choose the Sign, upload and email option, two textboxes will appear, one to enter email addresses of the receivers and the other, to enter any information you want to include to the email.

  • If you want to sign the document before uploading, you can go to the Your Signature tab and click on the Copy to Clipboard button and go to the relevant document and paste the signature.

Note: Make sure to convert the document into a pdf file before uploading. It will make the process easier.

2. If you want to use a URL go to the URL section, paste the URL, name the document, select the Sign Type and

then click on the Sign File button.

2. Once the document is uploaded you can view it at the Your Signature tab.

3. When the document is signed and approved by the relevant user, you will be notified via an email.

4. And if you want to validate and see the signed history of the uploaded document, you can upload the current document

into the Validate File tab and click on the Validate File button. This will view the signed history of the document in the

Signed History tab.

Guidelines to use Digital Signature (Receiver)

  1. When a document is submitted for your signature, an email will be sent to you.

2. Click on the Open Dashboard button which will direct you to Digital Signature window.

3. Go to Your Signature and click on Submitted to You.

4. To view the file click on the Open File button and to sign the file click on the Sign and Approve button.