Employee Registration

Employee Registration is a method that eases registration and reduces paperwork

Before registering in Employee Registration, employees should have a staff account: Request Account

If you have a staff account, directly visit : Employee Registration

Guidelines to Register

  1. When you click on the above link:

                  1. If you have already logged into your staff account: You will be directly linked into the Employee Registration form

                  1. If you have not logged into your staff account: You will be directed to a Google Sign in prompt as shown below. Once you enter your staff account email and password you will be directed to the Employee Registration form.

2. The Employee registration form is of six sections

  1. Personal Information:

              1. Select the Post to which you are appointed from the given options(Temporary Assistant Lecturer, Temporary Demonstrator, Temporary Lecturer, Research Assistant).

              1. Select the Department to which you belong. There are options from Dean's Office to the Library.

              1. Choose the Title (Rev, Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms) you use before your name.

              1. In the box given for Name in Full, make sure to enter your full name.

Eg: Herath Mudiyanselage Saman Kumara Herath

              1. You can type your Date of Birth in the month/date/year format or you can choose by clicking on the calendar icon.

              1. In the Home Address box, enter your permanent address (the address to which you want to receive your post mails).

              1. The Undergraduate Reg. No. box is to enter your undergraduate admission number.

              1. Then choose whether you are a citizen of Sri Lanka by Descent or by Registration.

              1. And then enter your National Identity Card Number in the NIC No. box.

2. University Education:

  1. Enter the details of your University.

                1. Name of the University

                2. The time period (From - To)

                3. The name of the course followed

                4. Results / GPA

Eg: University: University of Peradeniya

From: 12/01/2017

To: 13/04/2021

Course Followed: B.Sc. (Honours) in Statistics

Result: 3.7

  1. Click on the Add button to insert the data into the table below.

3. Other Qualifications:

  1. Enter any other Special Qualification you have achieved (Eg: A diploma etc.)

  1. Enter the highest examination passed in Sinhala or Tamil (Eg: Sinhala - G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination).

4. Previous Appointments

  1. Enter details of your previous appointments in the Faculty, if any.

                1. Enter the name of the department

                2. Enter the time period (From - To)

                3. Enter the Reason for Leaving

  1. Then click on the Add button to add the entered data into the table below.

5. Bank Details

  1. Enter the bank details to which you want your salary to be deposited.

            1. Name of the Bank

            2. Branch

            3. The account number

6. Documents

  1. Attach the copies of the following documents.

            1. Attach an image with both the sides of your National Identity Card

            2. Attach an image of your Bank Passbook

            3. Attach an image or a pdf file of your Degree Certificate / Transcript

            4. Attach an image or a pdf of your Birth Certificate

            5. Attach images or pdf files of Additional Documents (Eg: Diploma Certificate)

2. Click on I accept the Oath / Affirmation if you agree to take the oath.

3. And then to submit the application click on the Submit Application button.

Note: You have the privilege of viewing the application that you submitted by going to the Submitted Application tab.