Results Submission System

The Results Submission System has three different users. They are

  1. Dean of the Faculty

  2. Head of the Department

  3. Course Instructor

  • Open the NEW LMS application from the Faculty Dashboard

  • The Dean of the Faculty has the ability to Set Result deadlines in two different ways.

  1. Set a common deadline to all the courses

  • Insert a date in the textbox given > Click on Select All > Click on Set Result Deadline

  1. Set different deadlines for different courses

  • Insert a date in the textbox given > Filter courses by Category/Semester/Level > Select the courses > Click on Set Result Deadline

  • Once a deadline is set, the relevant Course Instructor is notified via an email.

  • Then the course instructor is granted permission to submit results.

  • To submit results, the Course Instructor should click on the Generate Sheet button.

  • Once the Generate Sheet button is clicked the following buttons activate.

  1. Go to Sheet

  • The online cloud spreadsheet opens giving the permission to update results to the sheet.

  • Once the results are updated, click on Submit Sheet.

  1. Submit Sheet

  • Once clicked, the Instructor won't be able to edit results again.

  • When results are submitted to the system, the Head of the Department is notified via an email.

  • Following is the view of the Head of the Department.

  • The Head of the Department can review the results and do modifications, if any and click on Complete.

  • Once the Result Status changes to Completed, results will not be available for modification.